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The Skullcar, affectionately named “Numbskull” by friends and fans on the playa, is a creative manifestation tying together a love of Rock n Roll, custom cars and good times. Born in San Francisco, finished in Oakland and currently living in San Rafael, The Skullcar came to fruition in 2012 and its legend and community have grown ever since.

Unsurpassed in comfort and detail the car was designed and built from the ground up. It sits at an impressive 18′ long, 11′ tall and 11.5 wide with the stylish hat intact. The vehicle is built on a custom designed frame using a 1975 Porsche 914 2.0 liter engine and a 1985 VW Vanagon automatic transmission. The rear suspension is from a 1971 VW bus and the front suspension is like that used on a VW style heavy duty dune buggy…all with stock car coilover springs/shocks. There was an enormous amount of design and fabrication that went into to it’s creation. It would have been so much easier starting with an existing chassis but that would have involved many design constraints and limited the interior space. Once you climb inside the car you know why all the effort was worth it!

The interior is all plush red fur top to bottom. It seats about 20 comfortably. The lower level has room for about 15 with everyone sitting on a U shaped couch…aside from the front 4 who are facing forward looking out the skull eyes. The upper level has a crescent shaped couch for 5 in the back third of the hat. The middle third of the hat has 4) Honda EU2000i companion generators half of which can run all the lights and the sound system. The front third houses the DJ booth and sound system…which boasts 2) JBL Pro PRX718XLF 18″ subs and 3) PRX615M 15″ mains which sound amazing! This is all controlled by a Pioneer XDJ-RX turntable system which is loved my professional DJ’s around the globe. You can also just plug your ipod into the mixer at the front seat and mix tunes while you are rolling. There’s also a nice sound system inside for the passengers. If you get thirsty, there’s 6 medium sized coolers that fit perfectly under the upper couch and easily hold all the refreshment needed to stay properly hydrated.

Nothing is better than seeing the Skullcar in person. If you are out on the playa please come and find us and we can give you a tour and show you all the fun details and introduce you to the Skullcar experience in person. If you aren’t at the big party in the desert but dream of a Dj set on top of the car, or sipping drinks and cruising around with 20 of your closest friends, or maybe you are having a party and need that extra special flavor to drop your favorite music and rock the party, all dreams and ideas are possible. You can contact us above with any questions or ideas. We are always available and willing to discuss creative partnerships and custom builds. Thanks again for visiting the Skullcar and we hope to connect with you all soon!